Yoga Mixes

Playlist of mixes under the Inner Effect alias featuring yoga mixes compiled and mixed for music company 

YogiTunes and DJ sets for various events and projects.

60 - 90 minute yoga mixes using the YogiTunes music catalogue. The structure and flow of the mixes complement yoga classes with a slower paced start that gradually increase in tempo and have a relaxation cooldown towards the end.

Mutations ambient soundscape mix produced for 

Last Boss and his Mutations project.

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Breaks & Techno

Playlist of mixes under the System 2 alias featuring

DJ sets within the progressive breaks and psychedelic tech funk genres.

Includes DJ sets played at various events and for onlineradio shows as well as promo mixes.

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DJ set performed at the Blast Zone night in 2008 under

the Trespasser alias.

Albleton DJ set playing electronica / IDM / underground electro incorporating live effects and creative mixing.