Film Sound

New You Sound Design

Trailer for the film 'New You' by Neilson Black, Pattern Maker Films.


For this project I worked on the sound design & sound mix for the full feature length film and trailer. More info on the IMDB page, full film released on Amazon Prime.

This film went on to win Best Film at the Birmingham Film Festival 2018.

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Game Sound
Cities: Skylines Sound Mod​

Game sound mod created for popular city building game Cities: Skylines.

Brief was to create a London themed sound pack for the Ambient Sound Tuner mod which would enable the sounds to appear in game.

Field recordings where recorded around London and edited / processed to suit the format required for implementation.

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Red Hope Soundtrack​

Short film soundtrack composed for Red Hope, produced by Simon Wegrzyn.

Brief was to compose a atmospheric and emotive soundtrack that uses and combines electronic beats & bass with cinematic string elements.

The soundtrack features original synthesised sounds and composed scores, as well as some samples from recordings by the Sun Collective.

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Playlist of podcast editing for clients such as 

Ackroyd LowrieAltFi & various others.

Projects include editing and cleaning audio recordings of main host dialogue and guest interviews, adding intro / outro music idents and balancing volume levels.


Custom background music was also produced for some of the podcasts.


A showreel of audiobook editing, mixing & mastering work done for publisher WFHowes.

This involved proof reading audio recordings done by the narrators for each book and co-ordinating with them to re-record lines where needed. Errors were fixed during editing and the recordings levelled and mastered to ACX Audible specifications.

Artist Music

Playlist of music production for 

Sean SugrueRnoVIM RecordsSystem 2 & Inner Effect.

Projects include production & composition editing for tracks written by various artists / musicians and 

composition / production of singles & remixes for labels.